Custom Quartz Fabricating

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Custom Quartz Cores

Industrial Quartz Corporation is a custom fabricator of fused quartz products. With our diverse fabrication techniques, we have the ability to fabricate many different types of quartz products to our customer’s specifications using the highest quality performance materials in the quartz industry. We work closely with our customers to provide them with the exact product needed for their process. From product development to production, we will work with you to help develop the product you need and meet your goals. We also can assist with drawings and prototype products to help you test your process.


Our custom quartz fabricators have the expertise and ability to bend quartz products to almost any size or shape material to whatever angle or specific radius necessary. We take pride in helping to develop and process new products for our customers. We welcome new and existing customers to contact us for advice or consultation and look forward to servicing all of your quartz needs.

We will work with you, when necessary, to help you develop the right product to your specifications.

Closing & Doming

Whether you need a precision domed end or just an end closure, we can manufacture wall dimensions and diameters to your desired specification. Please contact us for specific requirements.

Quartz Beading

Custom beads of almost any size can be placed at any location from one end to the other on practically any quartz product. We will gladly assist you with drawings of bead locations, tolerances or any other crucial dimension that may be necessary.

Tubular Quartz Fabrications

Our capabilities with tubular fabrications are endless. Manufacturing of almost any fabricated quartz product from .010″ to 6.00″ is possible. Our fabricators can fuse virtually any size tube to any other tube, tube to rod, rod to rod etc. Customizing products to your desired needs is what we do best.


Welding of any two or more quartz products requires special fabrication techniques. We have the fabricators and we look forward to manufacturing new products for our customers.