About Industrial Quartz Corporation

Industrial Quartz Corporation opened in 1968 as a specialty small bore quartz tubing and rod manufacturing company, manufacturing products primarily for the aerospace investment casting industry. We are most well-known for our quartz re-draw capabilities. We have continually improved and expanded our operations to provide close tolerance machining, fabricating and cutting quartz products of many shapes and sizes. Industry has changed significantly over the years and has become more demanding with specialized materials and processes that require special custom built equipment and well trained employees to help us meet these demands. We have become more competitive and process more complex products than ever before. We are continually changing with industry and will continue to strive for high quality and cost effective methods that will improve our ability to perform efficiently for you, our greatest asset. After all, our goal is to be successful in helping you achieve your goals.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at IQC is to utilize our 50 + years of experience and much of today’s technology to produce high quality quartz products to our customer’s specifications at a reasonable price.