Quartz Redrawing

Industrial Quartz Corporation can provide redrawn quartz tubing, rod, and many special shapes to your specifications. We will work with you to help you determine the size of material and the necessary tolerances for your application. We can assist you with drawings and help you to develop special shapes for production or experimenting. We will quickly help you to find what will work for your application.

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Redraw material

  • Quartz Tubing
  • Quartz Rod
  • Quartz Racetrack shapes
  • Quartz Elliptical shapes
  • Quartz Special shapes

Redraw Capabilities

Quartz Tubing & Rod

Redraw sizes: from .010″ – .135″ outside diameter

Tubing ID: from 4:1 ratio to 1.5:1 ratio (approx. 2.15:1 standard)

OD Tolerances: +/-.001″ to +/-.006″ (wider tolerances are more cost effective)

Tubing ID Tolerances: to requested target size when necessary (wider tolerances are more cost effective)

Quartz Racetrack, Elliptical and Special Shapes

Redraw sizes: .030″ – .200″ wide and .015 – .150″ thick

Racetrack width tolerance: +/-.003″ unless otherwise specified

Racetrack thickness tolerance: +/-.002″ unless otherwise specified

Bow: less than .75% of length

All shapes redrawn to customer specifications