Standard Quartz Products

All of our quartz products are made of the highest quality materials available in the quartz industry. Our standard quartz products have excellent thermal and mechanical properties. ( See Technical Page )

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Standard Quartz Rods

Standard Material

48″ standard length
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0.5mm +/-.75mm dia.*
1mm +/-.1mm dia.*
1.5mm +/-.1mm dia.*
2mm +/-.1mm dia.*
2.5mm +/-.125mm dia.
3mm +/-.125mm dia.
3.5m +/-.125mm dia.
4mm +/-.2mm dia.
4.5mm +/-.2mm dia.
5mm +/-.2mm dia.
6mm +/-.25mm dia.
6.4mm +/-.25mm dia.
7mm +/-.25mm dia.
8mm +/-.25mm dia.
9mm +/-.25mm dia.
10mm +/-.25mm dia.
11mm +/-.30mm dia.
12mm +/-.30mm dia.
13mm +/-.30mm dia.
14mm +/-.30mm dia.
15mm +/-.35mm dia.
16mm +/-.35mm dia.
17mm +/-.35mm dia.
18mm +/-.40mm dia.
19mm +/-.40mm dia.
22mm +/-.50mm dia.

48″ standard length
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.45mm x 1mm +/-.1mm*
.9mm x 2mm +/-.1mm*
1mm x 2mm +/-.1mm*
1mm x 3mm +/-.125mm
2mm x 3mm +/-.2mm
2mm x 4mm +/-.2mm
1.8mm x 4.8mm +/-.2mm
3mm x 5mm +/-.2mm
2mm x 6mm +/-.25mm
4mm x 6mm +/-.25mm
5mm x 7mm +/-.25mm
4mm x 9mm +/-.25mm
8mm x 10mm +/-.25mm
6mm x 12mm +/-.30mm
6mm x 13mm +/-.30mm
9mm x 15mm +/-.35mm
17mm x 20mm +/-.35mm
20mm x 22mm +/-.50mm
20mm x 23mm +/-.50mm

* Redrawn Material
Call for special sizes