Quartz Machining

At Industrial Quartz Corporation, we feel that our machining capabilities are superior to all others in the quartz industry. Virtually any shape or finish can be achieved in our grinding facility with the capacity to process enlarged quantities when necessary. All of our very specialized staff take pride in their work and look forward to challenges from new products to improving processes on existing jobs. We work with our customers to provide them with the highest level of assistance to produce the right product needed for their process. From product development to production, we will work with you to help you develop the product needed to your specifications. We can also assist with drawings and sample products to help you develop the right product for your application.

Quartz Machining Capabilities:

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Quartz Step Grinds & Conical Shapes

Quartz Shapes & Profiles

Quartz Threading

Quartz Discs & Rings

OD Grinding – Quartz Tubing & Quartz Rod

Precision OD grinding from .035″ – 2.5″ diameter
Standard grinding tolerances below .500″ OD = +/-.001″ or better
Precision grinding tolerances below .500″ OD = +/-.0005″ or better
Standard grinding tolerances above .500″ OD = +/-.0025″ or better
Precision grinding tolerances above .500″ OD = +/-.0015″ or better
Tighter tolerances may be requested
Superior surface finish

Machined Quartz Shapes

  • Racetrack shapes
  • Elliptical shapes
  • Flat stock
  • Airfoil shapes
  • Conical Shapes
  • Bead shapes
  • Step grinds
  • Custom shapes


Single or multiple notches to any width or depth specification
Single or multiple circumferences notching to any width or depth specification
Tolerances may be as tight as necessary.


Tube or rod to widths, depths, and TPI specifications
Threading in right hand or left hand direction


Slotting of most shapes to customer specifications


Custom drilling to customer specifications

ID Grinding

When close tolerances are needed on inside diameter ends.
Please contact us for more information.


Custom machine cut quartz provides close tolerance cuts with minimal chipping.
Cutting up to 4″ OD
Precision cutting
Dry Cutting
Wet Cutting
Slicing to .020″ thick